Social media is a fantastic platform to amplify your brand and drive new customers. Social media organic and advertising strategies require careful planning and content development, so we can create results that quickly convert into sales. Our social media team works with you to create strategy that is unique to your brand, while meeting the expectations of your target audience

Social Media Marketing


Facebook is a powerful marketing tool for Georgia businesses. The average Georgian spends nearly 15 hours a week on Facebook, which means your business can't afford not to have a presence there. Advertising will help you stand out from the crowd and generate leads and business.


With 500,000 Georgians spending 10+ hours a week on Instagram, now's the time to build your community and improve your engagement through this popular and ever-evolving social media platform.


LinkedIn is a robust platform for businesses and professionals to connect. As an industry-focused social media platform, LinkedIn connects businesses and professionals to increase awareness, drive actions and drive sales. Result-Oriented Practices on LinkedIN can be of huge benefit for your business.

How we deliver great results

Before undertaking a social marketing campaign, you must have a solid foundation in place. The strategy we implement begins with the client’s full participation. This involves:

  • Strategy – We make sure that the social media strategy aligns with the client’s business objectives and campaign KPIs by understanding these. Content pillars for organic social media and the technical plan for paid advertising are included in this.
  • Targeting – We employ cutting-edge targeting approaches, such as audience expansion, custom audiences, and lookalikes, to target your current consumers, expand your audience, and discover new markets that you haven’t yet targeted.
  • Messaging – Our messaging and content are developed to convert while still being faithful to your brand and consistent with other platforms, both online and offline.
  • Creative – We work with the client to develop creative that stands out in the news feed, standing out and catching the eye.
  • Implementation – Implementation involves much more effort, than launching creative and messaging. Setting up bidding strategies, using pixels through Google Tag Manager, and developing reports is all part of our implementation process.
  • Optimisation and Reporting – Maintaining up with optimisation best practices is crucial to ongoing success. We constantly study and implement industry best techniques to improve your results, and we suggest methods based on the data we see to take your campaigns to the next level.