AdGeeks is the leading digital advertising company in Georgia. We operate the biggest publishing network, partnering with over 60 websites. This gives us exclusive rights to any type of display advertising on these sites. AdGeeks is the only local Georgian publishing network that offers demographic targeting options for potential clients. This allows them to easily connect with their target audience and get the most out of their advertising budget.

More than 60+ Websites

1.95 Million Unique Reach

Over 30+ iAB approved Banner and Video formats

Exclusive Partners


As Adgeeks’ exclusive tech partner - Admixer enables us to build local ad ecosystems on our publishers leveraging niche demand, inventory and audiences. Admixer Panel gives our clients the opportunity to serve their ads on their terms and participate in bidding auction. This allows digital marketers to manage creative and media spend based on how successful their marketing campaign was.

Oracle Bluekai

Oracle Bluekai is the biggest Data Management Platform in the world. Through Admixer's partnership, we introduced Demographic, Geolocational and Behavior/Interest targeting on our network. There are numerous possibilities to reach your target audience and generate the best results from your campaign

Some of Our Partners